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Why Choose Us?

See the reason why we are the best now.

SETSUB is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us and your funds are secured with your e-wallet.

We use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our data delivery and wallet funding is automated, airtime top-up and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.

We offer instant recharge of Airtime, Databundle, CableTV (DStv, GOtv & Startimes), and Electricity Bill Payment.


Our Services

Setsub is Trusted by 10,000+ Businesses Worldwide.

Data Plans

Buy Your Data Bundles at a Reasonable and Affordable Price Per Unit

Airtime VTU

Recharge Airtime VTU directly to Mobile Numbers and get Instant Value at Discounted rates

Bill Payments

GoTV, DsTV, StarTimes, Smile, Spectranet, Electricity Bills and much more ...


We also offer fast and reliable logistics transactions and delivery

App Development

Let us build you Softwares that offers any desired Service

Exam Cards

Get WAEC, NECO Examination Scratch Cards at a Discounted Rate

Retailer's Website

Let us make you and e-commerce website that offers Setsub Products and Services




In this section, you can learn more about available pricing plans and included services.

NOTE: Prices are not fixed

500MB [SME] ₦120
1GB [SME] ₦235
2GB [SME] ₦470
3GB [SME] ₦705
5GB [SME] ₦1,175
10GB [SME] ₦2,350
20GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦4,750
25GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦5,700
40GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦9,500
75GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦14,250
120GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦19,000
200GB Monthly Plan [Gifting] ₦28,500
100GB 2-Month Plan [Gifting] ₦19,000
160GB 2-Month Plan [Gifting] ₦28,500
400GB 3-Month Plan [Gifting] ₦45,000
600GB 3-Month Plan [Gifting] ₦71,250
800GB 6-Month Plan [Gifting] ₦85,500
1TB Yearly Plan [Gifting] ₦95,000
2.5TB Yearly Plan [Gifting] ₦237,500
30GB HyNetFlex - Monthly ₦7,600
45GB HyNetFlex - Monthly ₦10,450
100GB HyNetFlex - Monthly ₦17,100
200GB HyNetFlex - Monthly ₦19,000
1TB HyNetFlex - 6 Monthly ₦85,500
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500MB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦125
1GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦250
2GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦500
3GB [Corporate] | 30 Days ₦750
5GB [Corporate] | 30 Days ₦1,250
10GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦2,500
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500MB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦135
1GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦270
2GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦540
5GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦1,350
10GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦2,700
15GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦4,050
20GB [Corporate] - 30 Days ₦5,400
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1.5GB ₦900
2GB ₦1,080
3GB ₦1,350
4.5GB ₦1,800
11GB ₦3,600
15GB ₦4,500
40GB ₦9,000
75GB ₦13,500
7GB Weekly ₦1,350
500MB ₦450
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